Solar LED Controller SLC2 - The Revolutionary Control System for Solar Lights

Field of application


The SLC2 is an intelligent controller for solar powered street lights. The controller incorporates an intelligent energy management system, a brightness control with an adjustable lighting profile and a solar charge controller for the battery. The energy harvested by day is stored in a 12 V battery attached and is then used to power the LED modules by night. The intensity of the lighting profile is automatically adjusted according to the energy available to the SLC2.


System functions


Intelligent lighting profile

The intelligent lighting profile of the SLC2 offers the following features:

  • Automatic day/night detection after two days of operation.
  • Start lighting process before total darkness is reached (lead time, night detection).
  • Stop lighting process after dawn (delay, day detection).
  • Lighting profile divides the night into five different phases.

Each phase is characterized by:

  • Duration 0 - 255 min
  • Dimming 0 – 100 %
  • Morning and night phase depending on the day/night and night/day changing point.
  • Computes the middle of the night through the day/night detection.

Solar charge controller

The charge controller integrated in the SLC2 offers the following functions:

  • Charges the battery according to DIN 41773 via i - U – characteristics curve with solar power.
  • Takes account of the limited maximum temperature using an external temperature sensor.
  • Recognizes self-discharge of the battery and recharges it.
  • Adapts to various battery types (lead gel, Li-Ion) and capacities (18 Ah – 400 Ah).
  • Allows defining the maximal level of battery discharge.
  • Protects the battery from deep discharge by going into sleep mode when the adjustable battery discharge threshold is exceeded.

External inputs

An optional switch and sensor may be connected to the external inputs.

  • External switch allows for the LED Module to be turn on or off manually.
  • External input for optional motion detector or remote control.
  • Activating the switch enables the current lighting profile.
  • Deactivating the switch will cause the SLC2 to charge the battery if possible.

System and self-diagnostics

The SLC2 features a self-diagnostics function that can monitor the following values

  • Input and output voltages
  • Input and output currents
  • Goes into safe mode when detecting a critical error
  • Error states are communicated through the serial port
  • Wakes up the SLC2 automatically when input voltage of the photovoltaic module is detected

Technical data


Battery management system

  • Battery type: Lead-gel, LiO
  • Capacities: 18 to 400 Ah
  • Charging in accordance with DIN 41773
  • Current-voltage characteristic curve
  • Temperature sensor for battery

Two-channel LED drivers

  • Two separately dimmable LED drivers
  • LED voltage range 20 V to 50 V
  • I_LED 1 A max.
  • P_LED = 35 W
  • LED overcurrent limit

Solar charger for 12V battery

  • Solar panel 80 - 260Wp
  • PV open circuit voltage: 20 - 50V
  • PV charging current 19A max.

Parameter configuration (RS232)

  • Lighting profile, battery, etc.

Intelligent energy management

  • Lighting profile and dimming
  • Poor weather management
  • Day/night detection
  • Daylight sensor, connection of motion sensor



Download the product information of the Solar LED controller SLC2 here.