SMARTgrid Instrument - The Measurement Module for Intelligent Energy Management



Field of application

  • SMARTgrid Control, home charging devices
  • Local control of a bidirectional charger with grid data
  • Local decision-making to ensure grid quality
  • Precise evaluation and recording of network and consumption data (domestic profile)
  • Determining the state of the grid (grid frequency and grid voltage)


  • High-precision measurement of grid frequency, voltage and currents for smart grid applications
  • Employment of clamp meters for transformer stations
  • Easy networking via CANopen communication network
  • Averaging of measured values over 1 second
  • Adjustable filters for measured data
  • Every phase is used for averaging
  • We adjust the software functionalities on your request!


  • CANopen (CAN 2.0B)
  • RS232 interface
  • 2 digitale inputs
  • 2 digitale outputs


Download our new product flyer of the SMARTgrid Instrument here.