PVchecker - The Measurement Technology for PV Systems


Field of application


The PVchecker represents an innovative complete solution for reliably monitoring your photovoltaic plant: Simple to install, reliable, and future-proof thanks to SunOpen standard (CiA 437).

Your benefits

  • Save time for assembly thanks to visual power indication during commissioning.
  • No configuration required on site.
  • Monitoring and remote maintenance via Internet.
  • The monitoring for your PV plant is independent of the manufacturer and type of the inverter used.
  • No more data loss – the combination of internal (SD card) and external memory (Web Portall) ensures maximum security.

System components


PVchecker 4DS String Measurement Module

The measurement module of the PVchecker enables simple connection of up to 4 PV strings. The individual string currents and voltages are measured precisely and the data is transferred reliably to the PVchecker Master via CAN in accordance with the SunOpen standard (CiA 437).

The integrated power indicator makes the product a clever tool during installation, allowing you to see the status of your PV plant at any time.

PVchecker Master – data logger

The PVchecker data logger reliably stores the data transmitted from the PVchecker measurement module in an SQL database and provides all measured values for further processing via Ethernet. The additional storage of data on an SD card ensures that the PVchecker Master also reliably logs all data in "standalone" operation.

SMARTlog Web Portal

The PVchecker portal enables simple system configuration of the PVchecker measurement modules via the Internet. This saves you time-consuming system configuration on site.

All measured values can also be displayed using the SMARTlog Web Portal and are therefore accessible from any location. The system can be remotely accessed via the Internet portal at any time – and naturally includes all the necessary protection mechanisms for access.


Download our new product flyer of the PVchecker here.